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1/4 - Do512 Free Week @ Hotel Vegas


The story of TØMA is one of self-discovery, with four men from Austin, Texas joining forces in search of their own unique place in the musical firmament.

Keyboard/vocalist Waldo Wittenmyer, drummer Jake Hiebert, bassist Neil Byers, and guitarist/vocalist Willy Jay are a true collective, with each gentleman playing an integral role in every musical decision they make.

Their debut full-length Aroma (out in 2017) is a tuneful, spirited record that marries the complexity of ‘70s idols like Todd Rundgren and Squeeze with the neo-psychedelia of the Elephant 6 movement. It’s loose-limbed power pop of the highest order.

TØMA worked with James Petralli of fellow Austin band White Denim in a collaborative effort to expand Aroma’s musical possibilities.  

Aroma will be released on March 31st, 2017. 


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